Discover the Exciting New Features Coming to Google’s Pixel Phones and Watches Thanks to the June 2023 Update

In the June 2023 edition of the Pixel Feature Drop, Google announced a series of updates for its Pixel phones, Pixel Watch, and Fitbit devices. The updates, which are set to roll out over the coming weeks, aim to enhance user experience and device functionality.

For Pixel phones, Google has updated the Google Assistant with additional safety features. Users can now activate emergency sharing or schedule a safety check using voice commands. However, the effectiveness of these features in real-world scenarios remains to be seen.

The car crash detection feature, first introduced in 2019, has been updated to share the user’s real-time location and call status with their emergency contacts in the event of a severe crash.

The Pixel 7 Pro now supports Macro Focus for video, allowing users to capture detailed videos of small subjects. Meanwhile, Pixel 6 and newer models have been updated with a feature that allows users to take self-timed photos by raising their palms. The practicality of these features will likely depend on individual user needs and preferences.

Google has also introduced new personalization features for Pixel 6 and newer models. Users can now transform 2D wallpaper photos into dynamic 3D scenes using AI and create live wallpapers by mixing and matching over 4,000 emoji. While these features could add a touch of personalization to the devices, their appeal may vary among users.

The Recorder app, which transcribes recordings with speaker labels, has been updated to allow users to export transcripts into Google Docs, generate speaker-labeled video clips, and search for speakers within recordings. The usefulness of these features will likely depend on the user’s specific needs.

For the Pixel Watch, Google has introduced features to monitor users’ health, including checking oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels during sleep and notifying users if their heart rate is unusually high or low. However, the accuracy and reliability of these features will need to be evaluated over time.

Google Assistant is now available for Wear OS in several new languages, and users can access Spotify directly from their wrists with three new tiles. However, the impact of these updates on the overall user experience remains to be seen.

For Fitbit devices, Google has introduced several health and fitness upgrades, including a complete list of exercise modes, a Daily Readiness Score, and support for more languages in incoming notifications. The effectiveness and user-friendliness of these updates will likely be evaluated by users in the coming months.

Featured Image Credit: Google

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