Google Open Ups Access to Generative AI Capabilities in Search

Google is set to revolutionize its Search with the integration of new generative AI capabilities, according to a blog post by Soufi Esmaeilzadeh and Srinivasan (Cheenu) Venkatachary, on May 25, 2023.

The tech behemoth is gradually rolling out access to Search Labs, a novel program that allows users to try out early-stage experiments from Google. Those who have joined the waitlist at will receive an email notification when they are eligible to start testing Labs experiments, such as SGE (Search Generative Experience), Code Tips, and Add to Sheets, initially available in the U.S. Users can sign up for these experiments by clicking on the Labs icon in the latest version of the Google app on Android and iOS, or Chrome desktop.

Source: Google

The integration of generative AI into Search is designed to simplify the search process, enabling users to gain a quicker understanding of a topic, discover new perspectives and insights, and accomplish tasks more efficiently. Rather than requiring users to ask multiple questions and collate the information themselves, Search will now undertake some of this work.

Here’s how users can leverage the new generative AI features to streamline their searches:

  1. Quickly grasping new or complex topics: For example, if a user is contemplating learning the ukulele or the guitar, Search will provide an AI-generated overview to help them understand the factors to consider.
  2. Obtaining quick tips for specific queries: If a user has a particular question, such as “How to get an old coffee stain out of a wool sweater?”, they can now easily find key information or see various options from across the web to help them take the next step.
  3. Exploring a variety of products and considerations while shopping: For instance, if a user is interested in removable wallpaper for their kitchen, they can simply search for “Peel and stick wallpaper for kitchen” and learn about key factors, such as ease of removal, and receive a list of stylish options, complete with price, customer ratings, and purchase links.
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