Google Unifies Task Management: Migrates Reminders to Google Tasks

In a bid to streamline task management and enhance user experience, Google has announced a significant change to its Google Workspace suite. The tech giant is migrating Reminders from Google Calendar and Google Assistant to Google Tasks, aiming to create a unified experience for managing to-dos across its platform.

Google first hinted at this change in September 2022, and since then, Google Workspace users have had the opportunity to migrate their reminders to Tasks voluntarily. However, Google has initiated an automatic migration process for those who have not yet made the switch.

This move is not without its caveats. Google Workspace administrators are urged to ensure that the Tasks service is enabled for their organization. If the Tasks service is disabled, any Reminders data will not be migrated to Tasks, and the deletion of Reminders data will commence after June 22, 2023.

Administrators are also encouraged to enable Google Takeout for their organization, allowing users to export their Assistant and Calendar Reminders if they wish. Furthermore, if users want to continue using Assistant to manage tasks post-migration, administrators need to adjust settings for Search and Assistant users and enable access to Workspace data.

For individual users, those using Google accounts for work or school are advised to export their Reminders data before June 22, 2023, if they want a copy and if Takeout is enabled for their organization. Personal Google Account users who haven’t migrated their reminders will see an automatic migration starting in June 2023. Google promises to share more information on this timeline in a future update on the Workspace Updates blog.

Featured Image Credit: Google

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