OpenAI Enhances ChatGPT with Web Browsing and 70 New Plugins

OpenAI’s ChatGPT takes a leap forward by introducing web browsing capabilities and an impressive suite of 70 new plugins, revolutionizing the user experience.

According to an article published by Search Engine Journal on May 13, 2023, OpenAI has announced a significant upgrade to its popular language model, ChatGPT, which includes the beta launch of web browsing and an addition of 70 plugins for its ChatGPT Plus users.

The new features are intended to enrich the platform’s capabilities, dramatically broadening the scope of tasks that users can perform using ChatGPT. From leisure activities and e-commerce to employment searches and weather updates, these experimental features aim to transform the user experience by offering a wide array of functionalities directly within the chat interface.

The beta phase for these features is available to all ChatGPT Plus users. Users can access these features by enabling the beta features in the settings panel. The update will be reflected in the May 12 version of ChatGPT, with plugins, web browsing, and code interpretation available under the GPT-4 section.

During the beta phase, the web browsing and plugin functions are expected to understand when and how to use these features to respond to a user’s prompt. The 70 third-party plugins available in the plugin store enable users to utilize GPT-4 for various purposes, including entertainment, home improvements, investing, job searches, marketing, prompt generation, shopping, tutoring, and weather forecasting.

OpenAI has also provided insight into the key stages of new feature releases for ChatGPT. The process begins with an alpha testing stage, involving a small group of users, followed by a beta stage for ChatGPT Plus users who opt-in for new features, and finally, general availability.

These testing stages allow OpenAI to collect valuable user feedback, enhancing the user experience, bolstering system stability, and ensuring quality standards are met before a broader release.

Users participating in the alpha or beta stages can contribute to the accuracy and efficacy of new features by providing feedback.

Moreover, developers interested in creating plugins for ChatGPT can join a waitlist. Upon approval, OpenAI will provide guidance to help developers build a plugin, following the examples set by brands like Instacart, Expedia, and KAYAK.

This latest development marks a substantial leap forward for OpenAI’s ChatGPT, further cementing its position as a pioneering platform in AI-driven web interaction.

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