OpenAI Unveils Voice and Image Features for ChatGPT, Exclusively for Plus and Enterprise Users

OpenAI is set to launch new voice and image recognition capabilities to ChatGPT, but these features will be exclusive to Plus and Enterprise users. The aim is to offer a more interactive and versatile way to engage with the chatbot.

The new functionalities are designed to provide a more intuitive user interface. For instance, users can now engage in voice conversations with ChatGPT or show it images to discuss a variety of topics. These features are expected to be useful in multiple scenarios. For example, while traveling, a user could capture a photo of a landmark and have a live discussion about its significance with ChatGPT. At home, users can photograph their refrigerator and pantry to receive meal suggestions and even request step-by-step recipes. The features can also be employed in educational contexts, such as assisting children with math problems by allowing users to photograph the problem and receive hints.

According to OpenAI’s blog post, The rollout of these new capabilities is planned for the next two weeks and will be available exclusively to Plus and Enterprise users. The voice feature will be accessible on iOS and Android platforms, requiring users to opt-in through settings, while the image recognition feature will be available across all platforms.

Joanne Jang, a product lead at OpenAI, told The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern:

“It’s not just that typing is tedious. You can now have two-way conversations.”

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