Vimeo Introduces AI-Powered Video Creation Suite

On Tuesday (20 June 2023), video-sharing platform Vimeo announced the introduction of an AI-powered video creation suite. This new set of tools is designed to streamline the video creation process, allowing users to produce a fully edited video in a matter of minutes.

The suite’s AI capabilities enable users to generate scripts from a text prompt, record videos in a single take using a built-in teleprompter, and easily edit content, including removing unwanted elements such as filler words and lengthy pauses.

Vimeo’s research suggests that 80% of people prefer video content over written text. However, many individuals report feeling uncomfortable creating videos themselves, often citing a lack of skills, time, or resources as barriers. Vimeo’s latest AI-powered features aim to address these challenges, allowing users to generate scripts quickly, maintain natural eye contact with the camera using a customizable teleprompter, and remove unwanted moments from their videos with just a few clicks.

The suite’s features include:

  • AI-powered script generator: This tool allows users to create a video script in seconds using generative AI. A script is automatically generated by inputting a brief text description and selecting a preferred tone and video length.
  • Teleprompter: Vimeo’s built-in display lets users stay on script while maintaining natural eye contact with the webcam. The teleprompter’s font size and pace can be personalized to suit the user’s needs.
  • Text-based video editor: This feature allows users to automatically delete filler words, long pauses, and awkward moments with a single click.

These new capabilities have a wide range of potential applications, from creating highlight reels and hosting virtual events to exporting quote clips for short marketing videos or cleaning up a high-profile video before sharing. Vimeo plans to further expand its AI strategy by integrating a broad range of AI tools and capabilities into its platform in the future.

Ashraf Alkarmi, Chief Product Officer at Vimeo, stated, “AI in video opens up a new frontier of accessibility.” He envisions a future where AI knowledge is a prerequisite, not a luxury, for video production. Alkarmi urges leaders to adapt now and empower their teams to create more efficiently or risk being left behind.

Vimeo’s AI-powered video creation suite will be available in July and can be trialed for free as part of Vimeo’s Standard/Pro subscription plan.

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